November 23, 2016

L3    Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc.

200 Powers Ferry Rd. *  Marietta, Georgia 30067
Phone 770.565.1556 *  Fax 770.973.9264

Electrical Manufacturers Representative

Levine Lectronics and Lectric is an Electrical Manufacturers Representative Company that covers Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida. We sell electrical and electronic equipment which is used from high voltage (800 K. Volt), to logic levels (less than 24 Volts). We work with outstanding electrical distributors who cover global markets.

We are delighted to announce the merger of Levine Lectronics and Lectric and McClellan Sales. The two agencies are combining under the  Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc. name.
The merged product offerings of the two companies give us an unprecedented ability to provide solutions for Medium and Low Voltage applications. The combined companies also create powerful synergies within the highly experienced sales staff. Our new agency consists of eight outside salesmen   and five inside sales people, all well-known in the industry. Our geographic coverage is unchanged and includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
We look forward to introducing you to our expanded capabilities and working with you from design to start-up. Here is the link to our  line card. L-3 Line Card
John S. Levine, PE

Serving Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas