Transformer White Papers

IEEE Dry, Liquid and Cast Coil Transformer – By Ken Box and John Levine

IEEE Factory Mutual Labeled Transformers – By Michael McClellan, Jr.

2016 DOE efficiency requirements

Class 1 Division 2

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Dissolved Gas Analysis syringe sampling procedure

Dual Voltage Transformers

Electric Arc Furnaces


FM & UL -Less Flammable Transformer Installation

Harmonic Currents in the Data Center – A Case Study

IEEE Grounding Transformers

Induction Furnace Introduction

K-Factor and Transformers

K-Factor Transformers are often unnecessary

Load Tap Changers

Managing Transient Voltage Surges

Mobile Substations

Multi-Voltage Testing Transformers

Oil Sampling

Paralleling Transformers

Partial Discharge Introduction

Partial Discharge

Rectifier Duty Transformers

Retrofitting wind farm step-up transformers

Seismic Withstand Transformer Designs

Solar Energy  Step-up Transformer Market

Specifying The Right Transformer

Tank design

Three Phase Transformer Winding Configurations and Differential Relay Compensation

Transformer Diagnostics Vol 3-31

Transformer Monitoring Accessories

Transformer Rebuilds

Transformer testing

Wye-Wye Transformers & Tertiary Windings

 Zig-Zag Grounding Transformers-Georgia Tech