Levine Lectronics and Lectric is proud to announce the addition of Jim Lazzara to our team.

Jim Lazzara joined Levine Lectronics and Lectric in August of 2019 as an additional Salesman in our Florida territory.  Jim has extensive knowledge of motor control, drives, and electrical equipment.  Jim comes to us from a Rep firm in California, Cal Industries.  Before that his family was the owners of Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI).

Levine Lectronics and Lectric is proud to announce the addition of Kris Vance to our team.

Kris Vance joined Levine Lectronics and Lectric in August of 2018 as an additional Salesman in our Florida territory.  Kris has extensive knowledge of motor and drives having come to us from Saminco International.

Levine Lectronics and Lectric Merges with McClellan Sales

We are delighted to announce the merger of Levine Lectronics and Lectric and McClellan Sales in 2016. The two agencies are combining under the  Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc. name.

The merged product offerings of the two companies give us an unprecedented ability to provide solutions for Medium and Low Voltage applications. The combined companies also create powerful synergies within the highly experienced sales staff. Our new agency consists of eight outside salesmen   and five inside sales people, all well-known in the industry. Our geographic coverage is unchanged and includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
We look forward to introducing you to our expanded capabilities and working with you from design to start-up. Here is the link to our  line card. L-3 Line Card

Virginia Transformer

We are please to announce as of November, 2017 L-3 is representing Virginia Transformer.  Virginia Transformer is the premier liquid filled transformer  manufacturer providing the highest quality product, competitive pricing, and superior service on Unit Substations,  Substation, and Power Transformers from 750 KVA up to 1400MVA, 500kV Go to Virginia Transformer

GE Multilin

As of March, 2016 we have expanded our GE Multilin coverage to include the State of Florida. GE Multilin continues to be the industry leader for Protection, Control, Metering, and Communications Solutions. With the introduction of the new 850 Feeder Relay, 869 Motor Relay, 845 Transformer Relay, and 889 Generator Relay with built in Ethernet and 30 year design life, GE Multilin shows why they are 2 generations ahead of all the competition. For more information see the GE Multilin web site. Go to GE Multilin

Integra Enclosures

Levine Lectronics an Lectric is proud to represent Integra Enclosures.  Integra is the leading manufacture of Polycarbonate enclosures up to 24″ wide x 24″ high x 10″ deep.  Integra makes the enclosures in the USA so they have the ability to make custom boxes with custom hole patters and overlays for your exact application.  See Integra Enclosures for more information.

Post Glover

Post Glover has just improved the best Digital Pulser Neutral Grounding Resistor. Did you know Post Glover purchased the resistor division of Cutler Hammer? Post Glover is the leader in Neutral Grounding Resistors and Dynamic Braking Resistors. Send us an E-mail if you would like more information or Go to Post Glover

Sprecher and Schuh – Auer Signaling Devices

Sprecher and Schuh  – Auer Signaling Devices has one of the most complete line of signaling devices in the industry.  We offer Visual Signaling Devices, Signal Towers, Visual and Audible Devices, Explosion Proof, and Audible Devices.  For a complete listing please go to