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GE Multilin
Areva T&D
GE Circuit Breaker
Kinney Electrical Manufacturing Company 
Micron Industries Corporation
Post Glover Resistors
Sprecher + Shuh
Woodhead/Brad Harrison

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L3    Levine Lectronics and Lectric, Inc.        

Electrical Manufacturers Representative

GE Multilin
  • (GA, AL, except Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington Counties)
  • Motor and Feeder Protection Relays
  • Generator and Transformer Protection Relays
  • Power Meters
  • Go to GE Multilin


  • (GA, AL, TN)
  • Cube Relay Timers, Micro Controllers, Custom Timers and Controls
  • Go to Airotronics


Areva T&D


GE Circuit Breaker Retrofit Kits


Kinney Electrical Manufacturing Co.




Micron Transformers
  • (GA, AL, except Mobile and Baldwin Counties)
  • Machine Tool Transformers - Impervitran
  • Special Transformers, Medium Voltage Transformers
  • Low Voltage and Buck-Boost Enclosed Transformers
  • UL and CE Approved with Finger Safe Terminals
  • Go to Micron


Post Glover (Cutler Hammer)
  • (GA, AL, TN, FL Panhandle)
  • Grid, Edge Ohm, Wire Wound Resistors, Neutral Grounding
  • Harmonic Filter Resistors, Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Go to Post Glover


  • (GA, AL, East TN, FL Panhandle)
  • Toroidal Transformers, D.C. Chokes, Medical Isolation Units, Audio Transformers
  • Go to Powertronix


Sky / Young Electronics


Sprecher and Schuh
  • (GA, AL, TN, MS, FL Panhandle)
  • IEC Contactors and Starters, Softstarts,Disconnect Switches
  • Pushbuttons, Terminal Blocks, Solid State Relays
  • Motor Circuit Controllers, Controls and Timing Relays
  • Go to Sprecher and Schuh


Woodhead/Brad Harrison
  • (GA)
  • Molded cables and receptables for sensors and actuators
  • Panel interface connectors
  • DIN solenoid valve, junction boxes, Ethernet
  • Devicenet, connectors, power cord sets
  • Go to Woodhead



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